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Man transforms into a dog after Sh20M procedure [Photos]

His love for animals, particularly quadrupedal creatures, inspired him to pursue his unique transformation

Japanese man transforms himself into a dog (courtesy twitter)

In extraordinary and unusual transformation, a Japanese man named Toto fulfilled his lifelong dream of living as a dog.

After spending a substantial amount, he underwent a procedure to become his favorite canine breed, a collie.

Toto's remarkable journey has captivated netizens worldwide as he documented the process on his YouTube channel.


With the help of a specialized company, Toto created a dog costume that allows him to embrace his newfound identity fully.

His courageous step into the world as a dog has garnered attention, admiration, and some bemusement from dog lovers and passersby alike.

Toto's love for animals, particularly quadrupedal creatures, inspired him to pursue his unique transformation.

According to him, he chose the collie breed because of its realistic appearance when donning the costume.


"My favorite is quadrupedal animals, especially cute ones. Among them, I thought that a big animal close to me would be good, considering that it would be a realistic model, so I decided to make it a dog," he said.

The appeal of long-haired dogs was evident as it helped obscure the human figure and contributed to a more genuine resemblance.

With the assistance of Zeppet, a company specializing in designing lifelike costumes and sculptures for various media, Toto embarked on the ambitious project.


Crafting the intricate disguise required 40 days of dedication and skill. The final result was a collie costume that would undoubtedly turn heads and spark curiosity wherever Toto ventured.

After patiently waiting for the costume to be ready, Toto finally took his first-ever walk in public as a dog.

Images of him in his canine disguise were posted on Twitter by toco_eevee, and they quickly went viral. The world was in awe of Toto's dedication to living out his dream.


As Toto strolled along the streets, he received an array of reactions from passersby. Some couldn't resist the temptation to rub his belly and pat his head, treating him just like any other lovable pet.

Fellow dogs also took notice, with one white dog appearing slightly puzzled, as if sensing something unusual about Toto's presence.


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