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Jonathan Moi’s two “wives” sue first wife in messy inheritance fight

The rich also cry

Jonathan Toroitich Moi’s two “wives sue widow Sylvia Toroitich in messy inheritance fight

The inheritance of Jonathan Toroitich Moi’s estate has taken a messy turn after two women claimed to the wives of the late businessman sued his first wife, Sylvia Toroitich, demanding to have equal rights to his estate.

Beatrice Kipkemboi has told the court that she was married to the late Jonathan as his second wife. Faith Milka Nyambura has claimed to be the deceased’s third wife.

Jonathan, popularly known as JT, was the first son to Kenya’s second President Mzee Daniel arap Moi and passed on in April this year.

The inheritance process had gone on smoothly after his publicly recognized wife, Sylvia, moved to court with the support of JT’s brothers, Philip and Gideon Moi and was granted letters of administration.


Sylvia’s son was also granted joint administration of the former rally driver’s estate.

Nyambura and Kipkemboi, however, claimed that the decision to solely allow Sylvia administration of the estate was unfair to them and contrary to a deal they had made during JT’s burial.

The two women claimed they had agreed to have joint custody of the deceased’s estate only for Sylvia to allegedly renege.

Beatrice told the court she and Jonathan were married in 1998 in line with Kalenjin customary laws. They were blessed with two children.

Nyambura, on the other hand, said she became JT’s third wife in 2008 after a traditional wedding performed in line with Kikuyu customary laws.


Nyambura had three children with Jonathan, telling the court they were still young and dependent on their father’s estate.

She claimed that her children have since been suspended from school over a Sh631,000 school fees which she was unable to raise having been dependent on her said husband.

Nyambura claimed that she had been receiving a Sh1 million monthly stipend to support herself and her children.

Despite coming from immense wealth, court documents suggests that Jonathan’s estate was relatively modest and stood at Sh30 million as of September when Sylvia gained administration letters.

His estate includes include a piece of land in Nairobi's Industrial Area valued at Sh15 million, shares at Tiro Holdings valued at Sh10 million, and a Sh5 million stake at Nakuru Oil Mills.


While Sh30 million is not a modest value in a country where a significant number of people live below poverty line, it is a drop in the ocean compared to the entire Moi family estate valued in hundreds of billions of shillings.

Gideon, despite being the youngest son, has an empire estimated to be worth Sh70 billion while past reports have estimated Philip to be worth Sh50 billion.


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