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13 ambassadors & high commissioners issue statement on protests in Kenya

13 foreign ambassadors condemn police action on protestors in Kenya

US Ambassador Meg Whitman, German Ambassador German Sebastian Groth, Sweden Ambassador Caroline Vicini and Canada High Commissioner Christopher Thornley

The Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States have issued a joint statement expressing their sadness at the loss of life and concern over the high levels of violence during recent demonstrations in Kenya.

The statement, which was issued on July 18, 2023, called on all parties to table their concerns through meaningful dialogue and resolve their differences peacefully.

The statement also recognized the daily hardship faced by many Kenyans and urged the parties to work together to build the nation together, ensuring no further loss of life.

"We are saddened by the loss of life and concerned by high levels of violence, including the use of live rounds and the destruction of property, during the recent demonstrations," the statement read in part.


The statement concluded by stating that the ambassadors and high commissioners stand ready to support the parties in their efforts to find constructive and peaceful solutions.

The recent demonstrations in Kenya have been sparked by a number of factors, including economic hardship, corruption, and political unrest.

The protests have been largely peaceful, but there have been some incidents of violence, including the use of live rounds by security forces.

The Ambassadors and High Commissioners' statement is a significant development in the ongoing situation in Kenya.


It is a clear message of support for peaceful dialogue and a call for all parties to work together to resolve the country's problems.

The ambassadors and high commissioners made it clear that they are prepared to support the Kenyan people in their efforts to build a better future.

It remains to be seen whether the Ambassadors and High Commissioners' statements will be enough to bring an end to the violence and instability in Kenya.

However, the statement is a positive step in the right direction and it offers hope for a peaceful resolution to the current crisis.


The statement was issued by the following Ambassadors and High Commissioners:

  1. Australia - Luke Williams, High Commissioner 
  2. Canada - Christopher Thornley, High Commissioner
  3. Denmark - Ole Thonke, Ambassador 
  4.  Finland - Pirkka Tapiola, Ambassador
  5. Germany - Sebastian Groth, Ambassador 
  6.  Ireland - Fionnuala Quinlan, Ambassador
  7. Netherlands - Maarten Brouwer, Ambassador 
  8. Norway - Geir Arne Schei, Charge D'affaires
  9. Sweden - Caroline Vicini, Ambassador 
  10. Switzerland - Valentin Zellweger, Ambassador
  11. Ukraine - Andrii Pravednyk, Ambassador 
  12. United Kingdom - Josephine Gauld, Charge D'affaires
  13. United States - Meg Whitman, Ambassador


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