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How I built my granny a home after starting with Sh50K budget - Mukuha

Mathew Mwangi Mukuha has built his grandmother who raised him a 2-bedroom house despite starting with a limited budget

A collage of shosh Maria Njoki Mukuha and her new house

In a heartwarming display of love and gratitude, Mathew Mwangi Mukuha, a talented structural engineer, recently accomplished a remarkable feat.

He constructed an exquisite, fully furnished house for his beloved grandmother, Maria Njoki Mukuha, in the tranquil Buchana village of Gatundu North Constituency, Kiambu County.

Growing up, Mathew and his siblings were lovingly raised by their grandmother in a modest shanty house.


Despite the challenges they faced, Maria had always yearned for a more comfortable dwelling.

Mathew, understanding her desires, embarked on the monumental task of building her dream home on his own birthday, February 18, 2023, armed with a modest budget of Sh50,000.

Undeterred by the limited resources, Mathew procured a lorry filled with sand and building blocks, skillfully designing and overseeing every aspect of the construction process.

"Grandma had always wished to have a house. I started building the house on February 18, 2023, my birthday. I only had Sh50,000. I brought a lorry of sand and building blocks.

"On that day, my grandma made a powerful prayer. It has taken me three months to complete this project. As a structural engineer, I designed and managed the construction of the house by myself. I hired people to help me," he said.


Over the course of three months, his determination and unwavering commitment led to the successful completion of the project.

Recognizing the magnitude of the endeavour, Mathew enlisted the assistance of additional workers to expedite the process.

During the heartfelt handover ceremony, Mathew and his grandmother shared poignant anecdotes of their past struggles and the hardships they had endured.

Overwhelmed with joy, Maria expressed her profound appreciation for her thoughtful and talented grandson, as he had turned her long-held wish into a tangible reality.


With heartfelt gratitude, she exclaimed, "I could never have thought of the idea of sleeping in a stone house intended for the wealthy. The community has taken notice, affectionately referring to it as 'nyumba ya mzungu' (the foreigner's house). I firmly believe that prayers are always answered, regardless of the time it takes."

Mathew's selfless act of kindness has garnered significant attention and admiration from fellow Kenyans, who are moved by the beauty and significance of the house he constructed for his grandmother.

This exceptional display of filial love serves as an inspiration to all, highlighting the importance of cherishing and honoring our elders.


1.Acquire a plan

2. Get a fundi from your local shags

3. Set out the plan

4. Excavate the ground to stable soil

5. Carry out the construction in stages. dont be in a hurry


6. Invite an engineer for site visits

7. Use your local welder

8. Have a hardware near you, pay the hardware pole pole

9. Buy Materials pole pole

10. Do visits in your sites oftenly, spend time with your building,fall inlove with it, let it motivate you.


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