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Jowie's mother speaks as his lawyers set eyes on the Court of Appeal [Video]

Joseph Irungu alias Jowie was sentenced to death for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Jowie Irungu in court with his parents

The mother of Joseph Irungu, known as Jowie, has maintained that her son is innocent in the wake of his sentencing to death by High Court judge Justice Grace Nzioka for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Despite the grim verdict handed down on March 13, she remains hopeful, believing firmly in her son's exoneration.

"My son is innocent. He did not commit the crime he's accused of," she told the media.

She also told said that her son's tribulations were similar to the story of Joseph in the Bible, and she believes that God will set him free in his own time and the truth shall come to light.


Jowie's legal team, led by his defense lawyer, expressed a sense of expectation regarding the sentence but did not hide their discontent with the proceedings.

"We were expecting something close, we are not shocked," the lawyer admitted, yet he didn't shy away from criticizing the court's conduct.

According to him, the judge's approach seemed more about appeasing public sentiment than administering justice.

"The Honourable Lady Justice, with respect, was playing to the gallery, and aiming at placating the court of the public," he remarked.


Despite the conviction, the defense announced plans to head to the court of appeal to prove Jowie's innocence.

Jowie's death sentence, which in Kenya typically translates to life imprisonment without the option of probation or parole, has reignited debate on the abolition of the death sentence.

High Court judge Justice Grace Nzioka has sentenced Joseph Irungu alias Jowie to death for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.


Justice Nzioka delivered the sentence on March 13 after she had postponed it following late submissions from the prosecution, the victims family and the accused.

While sentences are defined by law, the measure of what is an appropriate sentence in a given case is left to the discretion of judges and magistrates.

According to the pre-bail report, Jowie lacks stable partner relationships, exhibits anti-social personality and is a thrill seeker who uses his anger to control others.

While delivering her judgement, the judge emphasised the gravity of the crime, describing it as a heinous act and a loss to society.


Lady Justice Nzioka, noted the intentional and planned nature of the murder and the profound impact it had on Kimani's family, particularly her mother, who suffered depression and stroke following her only daughter's death.


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