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Kenyan journalist uses clever trick to negotiate ruracio for his girlfriend

It is all about innovation and having the right partner

In many instances, the negotiations often get heated as the bride and groom’s respective families try to come to an agreeable amount of cows or goats to seal the wedding.

It does not help much for societies that have modernized and the cows and goats have to be monetized.

It is in such instances, where the price of a single goat can go as high as Sh15, 000, that city dwellers appreciate the inflation in the prices of cattle.


At a past event attended by this writer, a cunning groom turned up with a lorry full of goats at a ruracio event. The bride’s extended family was so infuriated at the lost chance to milk some money from their “daughter”, that the ceremony was eventually cancelled.

Now, a journalist at devised an even more ingenious approach to reducing the price of his ruracio.

He insisted that dowry negotiations would have to be done via video link, since his elderly parents could not travel the 400-kilometre journey to his fiancee’s home.

The idea of the bride’s parents streaming to a cyber-café did not augur well for any of the parties.

However, the journalist visited speed test website which ranks the fastest internet speeds. It was then that he established that Safaricom had the highest speeds in the country – an impressive 19.80 which was far above any other provider in Kenya.


The journalist then informed his prospective in-laws to arm themselves with a 4G+ Safaricom sim card, to which he sent the data bundles.

When D-day came, we gathered around my friend’s laptop while the financee’s family used an android table for our video chat.

The video chat went on seamless despite the fact that our contacts were in a geographically remote place.

If you are a sacker for internet speeds, get on the Safaricom network and connect with your business and friends at the touch of a button.


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