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I forgive you- Mother who lost her daughter tells prime suspect in Moi Girls fire

Details have also emerged on how the fire was planned in a five-member WhatsApp group

A mother of one of the girls who died in the dormitory fire has sent a forgiveness message to the prime suspect who allegedly started the fire.

"If indeed you are the one who did this to my daughter and other girls, I forgive you," the mother said.

These were the moving words of Cynthia Mose, the mother of Esther Neema, one of the nine girls who perished in the Moi fire on September 2.


Neema who was a member of the hockey team had managed to escape the fire but later on realized that her friend was missing and went back to get her, but she never came back.

"We were told by her friends that she came out before the fire engulfed the dorm, but when she realised her best friend was missing, she went back to check on her. That's how we lost her." The father revealed.

According to Neema’s parents, they have forgiven the main suspect if indeed she was the one who started the fire.

"I know you have a problem. May you find the help you desperately need," said Jason Mose, Esther's father, adding:

On September 8, police revealed that the fire incident was planned in a WhatsApp group of five during the August holiday.


According to the ongoing investigations by Police officer who are looking into the matter, the initial plan was to burn the dormitory on August 31, some two days after students reported back to school from home.

A five-member WhatsApp group extracted from the lead suspect’s phone, show the incident was planned during the holiday.

The phone details, of the 14-year-old girl was categorical that she intended to burn the school for a variety of reasons among them her hatred for the institution which she had been struggling to leave.


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