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Nairobi County to purchase boats to tackle El Nino

Nairobi County to spend at least Sh1 billion in alleviating El Niño rains' effects.


In anticipation of the imminent El Niño rains, Nairobi County Government announced plans to allocate at least one billion shillings for initiatives aimed at mitigating the effects of the impending weather phenomenon.

The county is gearing up for comprehensive disaster management measures, including the purchase of essential equipment such as motorboats, rafts, and inflatable boats.

Chair of the Nairobi County El Niño taskforce, Bramwel Simiyu, emphasised the importance of these preparations in safeguarding the well-being of the city's residents.


The county's efforts will primarily focus on assisting people residing in flood-prone areas, particularly those along riverbanks who have historically faced severe flooding during El Niño events.

Simiyu also highlighted the need for proactive steps to address drainage issues within the city, a persistent challenge that contributes to flooding during heavy rains.

The county is actively mapping El Niño hotspots and has identified approximately 5,000 structures located on riparian land that could be affected by flooding.


To further enhance disaster preparedness, the Nairobi County Government is considering building affordable housing for those currently living on riparian lands.

Key locations for these housing projects include Dagoretti Corner, areas along Jogoo Road, and parts of Eastlands, all of which are vital to the city's drainage system improvement efforts.

In addition to infrastructure measures, the county is set to provide intervention supplies to support an estimated 200,000 individuals directly affected by the impending El Niño rains.

Residents living near or on riparian lands are encouraged to voluntarily relocate to safer areas as part of the county's overall strategy to mitigate the impact of El Niño.


Furthermore, the county is committed to enhancing its disaster response capabilities by procuring essential equipment such as inflatables and motorboats.

These efforts are complemented by psychosocial support and counseling services, which will be extended not only to those affected by climate-related grief but also to frontline county staff.

Nairobi County Government's multi-pronged approach seeks to ensure the safety and well-being of its residents while addressing long-standing challenges related to flooding and drainage within the city.


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