Noordin Haji at pains to explain why he hasn’t charged Governor who is friends with his father

The Governor was arrested in August and released shortly after


Korane is also a political ally of Haji’s father, Garissa SenatorYusuf Haji. The two run a joint campaign in the county in support of the Jubilee Party.

Questioned on why no action has been taken against the suspects, the DPP sought to shift blame to the Director of Criminal Investigations which he said was tasked with the role of conducting investigations.

Noordin, however, admitted that he was concerned with the slow pace of investigations given the allegations that had been raised. He did not deny being family friends with Korane who he termed an acquaintance.

“I am also concerned because there have been allegations against me. That I am family friends with the Governor. That I am part of his clan, I am not. If its issues of being an acquaintance, he is. If really am his clan, then am also Idriss’ clan because they are from the same clan,” the DPP stated.

The younger Haji denied being part of elders who were seeking to resolve the attempted murder through traditional dispute resolution methods.

“The issue of clan meetings to resolve the matter, I am not aware and am not part of it. When it comes to murder, I will not entertain that. Once I have the file, I will take action based on the evidence I will have. I will not concoct just because some people want someone to be charged,” he said during an interview with Citizen TV.

The shooting of Mukhtar is one of the high-profile cases that have failed to materialize, since the former Garissa CEC was shot in August at a restaurant in Kileleshwa.

Nine days after the shooting, Governor Korane was arrested and questioned for a day over the murder, before being released


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