MP Aisha Jumwa stoned during press conference in Mombasa

MP attacked in Mombasa ahead of BBI rally

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa, Nyali MP Mohammed Ali stoned in Mombasa during press conference

Malindi Member of Parliament Aisha Jumwa was on Friday morning attacked by rowdy youth as she addressed a press conference in Mombasa.

Jumwa, who is Mombasa ahead of the BBI rally to be held this weekend, had just started her address to the press when the rowdy youth interrupted and forced journalists to stop recording.

The irate youth had large stones at hand which they later threw at the MP and her delegation outside the Lotus Hotel, forcing her to scamper for safety.

County askaris among those who attacked MP Jumwa

Nyali MP Mohamed Ali alias Jicho Pevu, who was among those in Jumwa's company condemned the act citing that county administrators were among those stoning the female MP.

"Why are they stoning Aisha Jumwa just because she has arrived early for the rally and she chose to speak to the press? She has a right like any other leader and any other Kenyan in this country to speak her mind!

"Journaliats covered [Governor] Joho's press conference yesterday, he was allowed to say what he wants. We have equally called a press conference and we have a right as leaders from the Coast to say what we would like addressed by BBI. You cannot tell us that BBI is for uniting Kenyans...yet you are sending goons to attack us and among them are some of the county inspectorates!" Jicho Pevu accused.

The Nyali legislators was also pelted with stones as he addressed media and was forced to cut short his address.


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