Mudavadi reveals 3 things Uhuru must do in 2020, speaks on being 2022 compromise candidate

Mudavadi sets the record straight

File image of Amani National Congress party leader, Musalia Mudavadi

With time running out for Preident Uhuru Kenyatta to cement his legacy, Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has revealed three things that the President must do in 2020 if he opes to cement his plce in Kenya's history books.

In an interview with Citizen TV, Mudavadi advised the president to make things right in 2020 and refocus on the growing economy that is doing badly, including restructuring loans.

Mudavadi stated that the window of opportunity for the president to get things right was limited to the year 2020 and he has to make hard and bold decisions that may unsettle the political class.

According to Mudavadi, the remaining two years of Uhuru’s presidency – minus the final one – are “reasonable time” enough to change the trajectory of the country.

He said the government needed to refocus on growing the economy to benefit all, restructure the loans and push harder against graft that has seen billions end up in the pockets of individuals.

In response to reports that he could be 2022 compromise candidate for Uhuru and Raila, Mudavadi acknowledged it is an indication that he is addressing the issues facing Kenyans.

“If at all I am being talked about a little more, it is because I believe I am the one addressing the issues that affect the common man more than anyone else, most of the others are dwelling on power structure arrangements,” added the ANC party leader.

The ANC party leader expressed concern that Kenya may have slipped back to the He was worried 90s when he was a young finance minister with a lot of debts.

One of the biggest problems I was dealing with when I was at the Treasury is debt, and it’s like we have gone full circle, to a situation where we have a lot of debt issues in our country…We had the need for reforms, we are back there, we had a crisis of the institutions that were conducting elections then, and now are back to a similar situation,” stated the ANC party leader.

Going into 2022, Mudavadi suggested that the Government had to come up with a very clear blueprint on how they will reschedule and restructure loans.

Mudavadi called for quick harmonisation of relations between the Executive and Judiciary, fair but fast conclusion of corruption cases pending in court and electoral body fixed.

The party leader described 2019 as a “very confused” year politically where many important things were sidestepped. He added that those issues coupled with succession politics, would brew more confusion as 2022 neared.

He also disclosed that there was need to address the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) since claims of bungled election emanated from there.

The electoral body remains the elephant in the room, because the whole conflict we are facing, whether it now connects to the handshake or BBI phase one or even now phase two, emanates from what is perceived as a bungled election,” he said.

On the Building Bridges initiative, Mudavadi said that the 2010 Constitution by and large covered most of the issues BBI raised, warning against the habit of mutilating the constitution every other day.

In his opinion, the issue has always been the question of commitment to the Constitution and mutilating it may not help.

Eventually, even if we were to have an executive that was slightly altered, let it come because Kenyans believe it is what is good for them, but not because some people have sat somewhere, and said we want to negotiate a structure,” Said Mudavadi.


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