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Mutahi Ngunyi’s message to William Ruto – stop advising yourself

Ngunyi explains Ruto's tweets on Kibra

Mutahi Ngunyi’s message to Deputy President William Ruto – stop advising yourself

Renowned political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi has advised Deputy President William Ruto on the need to broaden his base of advisors rather than running a one-man show.

Ngunyi said that Ruto’s pride as a self-made man was also his bane as he was essentially only accountable to himself.

The political analyst said such leaders who are self-made tend to run a one-man show that mutates into a dictatorship.

William Ruto advises William Ruto. He is only accountable to himself. At least we know Uhuru Kenyatta has a mother and a wife who will tell him when he is off-track. Raila Odinga has Ida who actively advises him. I don’t foresee a situation where Rachael Ruto calls him and he is nyoroshwad (straightened) by his wife.”


“If you look at the people around him, they are all rented. He needs to look for a mentor around the region, maybe Museveni or Magufuli. That way, he can be accountable to certain people,” Ngunyi said.

The professor of political economy noted that Ruto’s bitter complain regarding the Kibra by-election was proof of poor mentorship noting that the DP was reacting out of irritation and Raila’s team was taking advantage.

The art of war teaches that when your enemy is easily irritable, prod him and make him irritated at all times. That is what ODM is doing. They are prodding him like a frog and he jumps up with a tweet,” he said. 


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