Meru residents are now dressing their donkeys in trousers - this is why

Tough times

Donkey in trousers(Nation)

Awkward as it may seem, Meru residents have been left with no other choice than to dress their donkeys in trousers to ward off mysterious killer flies.

The flies that invaded the Mumui, Lairang’i , and, Rei areas in Meru county are said to cause open wounds on the legs after biting the donkeys resulting to death.

Reports indicate that the flies have already killed around 10 donkeys and locals are now afraid that that other livestock may also be affected.

Desperate farmers who have tried all sorts of remedies and failed have now resulted in dressing their donkeys in trousers in an attempt to keep them alive. The said flies cause itchiness, weakness in the animal, wounds, after which the bitten animal dies.

When the flies invaded the area two weeks ago, residents thought they were the normal harmless flies due to rains.

The Meru County Livestock department is looking into the matter.


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