The Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) has announced that all matatus operating in Nairobi will no longer be allowed inside the Central Business District (CBD).

PSVs will now dock at Green Park, Desai road, Muthurwa and at Bunyala road beginning December 1st 2020.

Matatus plying Ngong and Lang’ata roads will terminate their journeys at the Green Park terminal.

Desai road terminus in Ngara will serve PSVs from Waiyaki way, Uhuru highway, Kipande and Limuru roads.

A new terminal at the junction of Bunyala Road will now serve PSVs along Mombasa Road.

Muthurwa terminus is expected to remain as the end point for matatus from Jogoo and Lusaka roads.

Chairman of Matatu and Boda Boda operators in the city, Kushian Muchiri, assured the authorities that this time the move will not face opposition.

"The reason why the previous plans by the government never worked was because we were never involved, they would just wake up on a random morning and say no PSV will enter the CBD, and we had to comply," he stated.

File image of a matatu terminus in Nairobi
File image of a matatu terminus in Nairobi