Interfaith council bans 2 Easter practices over Covid-19 safety protocols

Prohibited practices during Easter celebrations

Chairperson of the Interfaith Council Archbishop Anthony Muheria addresses a press conference

The Interfaith Council for National Response to Covid-19 on Tuesday issued a presser outlining safety protocols which will guide worship following the third wave of Coronavirus in the country.

According to the statement, all physical touch during worship services has been prohibited.

Council Chairman Archbishop Anthony Muheria further asked worship leaders to enforce mask-wearing, social distancing and hand sanitization.

"At this time when the threat is at its highest, we must be even more demanding and strict in all the preventive measures, already issued by the Interfaith Council and Ministry of Health in our places of worship," the statement read in part.

Archbishop Muheria went on to ban processions and night vigils as the Easter season approaches.

"In a special way, during the forthcoming weeks when several faith traditions have solemn periods, all gatherings must adhere to these guidelines and no processions or night vigil services are allowed," the statement outlined.


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