Moses Kuria's 3 New Year resolutions that are making Kenyans think he is drunk

Are you okay Mhesh?

Social Media deactivation, quit drinking, tukutane kwa ground - Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria's 2020 resolutions

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on Wednesday amused his followers after he posted three of his 2020 resolutions.

Kenyans expressed mixed reactions to the resolutions with some suspecting that the legislator may have been inebriated when he posted them.

Kuria's post read: " Happy New Year 2020 good people. For those who thought they know me:

"1. I am deactivation my Social Media Accounts (Except Whatsapp) throughout 2020. See you in 2021. This is my last post of the year. 2. I am off alcohol throughout the year 2020. 3. Tukutane kwa ground," he posted.

Deactivation? Kenyans question Moses Kuria

The first resolution particularly caused varied reactions after he apparently made a noticeable grammatical error.

One Lawrence Muga pointed out the mistake through an equally clumsy sentence stating: "He is high as a kite. Poor grammer is a hint - deactivation instead of deactivating. He will there on Thursday after sobering up. However, if its not a pun, Hon MK send me your number so that I may be sending you bible quotes to make your easier after quitting tweeter etc."


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