Sudi, Raila deny discussing politics during much-talked about lunch meeting

The two are reported to have met at a high end restaurant in Kilimani

Oscar Sudi, Raila Odinga deny discussing politics during much-talked about lunch meeting

ODM Leader Raila Odinga and Kapseret Oscar Sudi on Wednesday afternoon raised a political storm after a local blogger reported that they had met at a high-end restaurant in Kilimani and made charged political discussions.

The blogger who reported the meeting claimed that the former Prime Minister had hinted at breaking the political friendship with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Immediately the alleged meeting was reported, Sudi responded by confirming that he had bumped into Odinga while he was having lunch.

The loud-mouthed MP, however, denied discussing politics saying their conversation had revolved around Odinga's grandchildren.

"Earlier today I bumped into Former PM, Raila Odinga having lunch at a popular restaurant. We had lunch together and thereafter chit chats. Raila is like a father to me. We were close buddies with his son the late Fidel Odinga. I asked him about the progress of Fidel's children and family at large. When I meet him it doesn't necessarily mean that we discuss politics," Sudi said.

Odinga's response was issued by his personal assistant, Silas Jakakimba, who said it was unimaginable that the ODM Leader would agree to an appointment with Sudi to discuss politics in a public space.

"Only an EDUCATED FOOL, not even an ORDINARY VILLAGER, can believe the tomfoolery that ODINGA can allow an appointment - with Sudi, in a restaurant. The HEIGHT OF DESPERATION in Ruto Camp is IRREDEEMABLY PATHETIC. If BUMPING into Raila makes TAKATanga afford sleep, so be it. I am under FIRM INSTRUCTIONS to so-respond to this NONSENSE ON STILTS,"


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