Passaris in ugly twitter spat with Ahmednasir Abdullahi

Did you win fairly?

Ahmednasir, who supports DP Ruto’s stand to oppose the changes, angered Passaris who felt that it was long overdue to have the constitution changed.

"On the raging debate on constitutional reforms I am 100% with DP Ruto," Ahmednasir said via Twitter on Wednesday.

He added: "We can't agitate 24 hours non-stop for constitutional reforms simply to improve the future political fortunes of individuals who have perennially failed to win the popular mandate.”

In a response to the tweet, the controversial Women representative lashed at the lawyer saying he should not be telling lies during the month of Ramadhan, given he is a Muslim.

"Failed to win? Really? A man of your intellect, during the month of Ramadhan, cannot pretend to be oblivious to the fact that our country electoral body did not conduct #FreeFairCredibleElections. It's a fact known by both sides of the divide," she tweeted back.

Did you win fairly?

A hard question the lawyer pushed back to the legislator was about her to come out clean on whether she won the August 2017 elections fairly.

"Yes. During this auspicious month, we are expected to be truthful with ourselves and others."

"Any other month I can excuse that which I cannot change but during this Holy Month I can aspire to instill the importance of honest reflection."

The lawyer, not to take in the answer, he said in their religion, the truth does not depend on the month.

"It is a cardinal religious duty 24 hours. And my tweet is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Constitutional amendments to serve temporal and transient needs of individuals are bogus...very bogus," he said.


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