Malindi Member of Parliament (MP) Aisha Jumwa and her Msambweni counterpart Suleiman Dori were on Tuesday recommended for expulsion from the ODM Opposition party.

The two MPs are among a number of other ODM politicians who had disciplinary cases against them.

The statement by Secretary-general Edwin Sifuna outlined that the party would not tolerate disrespect of party officials.

"ODM is not a party that tolerates disorder and unruly behaviour by her members.

"The Disciplinary Committee in its report recommended the expulsion from the party of Aisha Jumwa and Suleiman Dori for gross misconduct," the statement read in part.

Also recommended for expulsion were Homa Bay county assembly mmbers Dan Ochieng’ Were, Evans Dada Marieba, Julius Odhiambo Gaya, Geoffrey Onyango Juma, Paul Ongoro Wamunga and Joshua Okumu Nyabola.

Aisha Jumwa Declared Support for Ruto

Jumwa and Dori received show cause letters from the party's chairman John Mbadi during a time when they had sworn allegiance to deputy president William Ruto.

"Specifically you have been quoted by several media houses as declaring in public forums that the 'coastal people have been betrayed by Raila Odinga and ODM and should look elsewhere to realize some development'.

"You are further quoted as having said you 'regret having campaigned for Raila and NASA.

"These pronouncements are tantamount or intention of temination of your membership in the ODM party," the letter from Mbadi warned.

Migori Governor Okoth Obado was also recommended for expulsion by his county's disciplinary committee.