Sakaja's humiliating message to Moi

Moi humiliated after DP Ruto's botched meeting

Addressing the public at Railways Training Institute in South B, Sakaja noted that Retired President Moi is a leader who served the nation for more than 20 years and not a private property.

The Senator was responding to the humiliation that DP Ruto was subjected to after waiting in vain for 2 hours to meet retired President Moi.

"Namwambia Gideon ya kwamba baraka ya Mzee sio kitu inapeanwa ovyo ovyo kama mandazi ... eti pea huyu na sio huyu ...eti fungulia huyu wala sio yule (I am telling Gideon that Mzee’s blessings is not given anyhow like mandazis given to this person and not the other one…grant access to this person and not the other),” Sakaja said.

His comments come in the wake of reports that the Baringo senator denied DP Ruto and his entourage access to the former President.

Many Jubilee leaders allied to the DP have accused the Baringo Senator of pushing his rivalry with DP Ruto to a whole new level, to the extent of humiliating the DP after the failed meeting on Friday.

Way before the botched Thursday meeting, Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen had sensationally claimed that efforts to meet Mzee Moi had been thwarted by the Baringo senator who was keen on blocking any meeting between the DP and the retired president.

Sources close to the Moi family revealed the DP did not have an appointment to meet Mzee Moi.

Moi’s granddaughter Laila Ibrahim took a swipe at DP Ruto, stating that "you don't just show up at someone's house unannounced".

Following the unfortunate developments, scores of political leaders have advised DP Ruto to channel his efforts where it matters most-meeting voters.


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