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Moses Kuria’s attack on Raila for mistreatment at Mombasa BBI forum backfires badly

Netizens roast Moses Kuria after failed mission to link Raila to his mistreatemendt at Mombasa BBI forum

File image of Moses Kuria flanked by Kimani Ichungwah and Kipchumba Murkomen Kuria's attempt to link Raila to his mistreatment at Mombasa BBI forum backfired

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria’s attack on former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for allegedly being mistreated at the Mombasa BBI forum backfired badly with netizens showing no mercy for the vocal lawmaker.

Taking to Facebook, Kuria blamed Raila for his trouble, alleging that he was roughed up by Makongeni MCA Peter Imwatok for failing to stand up when Raila accessed the Mama Ngina Waterfront park and in a suspicious manner, questioned if this would be the norm under a Raila presidency.

“Dear Raila Amolo Odinga. This is the idiot MCA Peter Imwatok of Makongeni, Nairobi who accosted me, took away my BBI hat and even my seat at the Mombasa BBI meeting. He is also the ODM minority whip in Nairobi County. My fault? Refusing to stand up when Baba entered the venue. Question: Baba is this how Kenya would be if you were to become President?” Kuria wrote.

Mohamed Musa saw malice and lies in Kuria’s claims and questioned how his seat would have been taken away when he was sitting on it, having refused to stand.


“Just wondering how did he take your seat while you had refused to stand up for BABA” Wrote Musa.

Ntizens were quick to point out that the lawmaker has a habit of blaming Raila for anything and everything, even where the former Prime minister is not involved as was the case in Mombasa.

“This is a minor issue. You don't have to behave like a jealous woman. Nothing proves that you were assaulted like you claim. Even if you were, Raila had nothing to do with it.” Wrote Ochola Ngare.

Edwin Marcelo Carpello quiped: “You always putting blames on Raila Odinga in every problem you face, where is the proof that he send this guy to attack you? And by the way ulipatana na mwanamke ukamtandika kofi, leo umekutana na ndume mwenzako ukaogopa! Coward”. He was alluding to the recent incident in which Kuria allegedly assaulted an activist and was arrested for it.


Others challenged him to take his complaints to the police who would ensure justice is served instead of whining on social media.

He was reminded that taking advantage of the situation to gain public sympathy and political mileage was a desperate and an unfortunate move as the forum was largely peaceful with politicians from across the political divide treated with dignity.

Some pointed out that it was wrong to whine and report to the same Raila who he has disrespected on several occassions, hoping to find a solution.

Kevin Makolola brought in humour writing: “Why did you refuse to stand up ? Are you not aware that Baba is the people's president and you are one of the people?”


Sammy Kariuki alleged that from the onset, Kuria’s intentions were suspect and having failed in his mission, he had to find an excuse to piant the forum in negative light.

“You went with an evil eye to provoke....MK you guys have very small time on earth have you sat and imagined that you'll have any meaningful say in BBI??? Its very baffling that you can try Rao with those petty tricks.…” Sammy wrote.

“Respect is paramount, you guys went to the coast with an ill motive that either the meeting will be disrupted or maybe you be denied to address the crowds, but you got shocked hadi Murkomen had to simply comply though we it was just a show for that moment. If it was Uhuru or Ruto entering the venue, would you have sat down.” Added Wonder Ke.


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