For the majority young Kenyans, the prospect of a career in politics and activism is always far off.

Many fresh graduates see it as an afterthought or a retirement plan – Davidson Gatuhi Wakairu is an exception.

At only 25 years, Wakairu has already settled on his career path – “an activist and politician” as he describes himself.

He recently visited our offices for an exclusive with to explain his work as an activist and his big dreams for the future.

In a bespoke black suit, a white shirt, and a red tie to complete the power look – Wakairu cuts the image of a man mindful of his public image. Probably one of the things he learnt while training to be a diplomat (he holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations at USIU).

“I realised that the youth are very active on social media. They want to express their disappointments and the government’s shortcomings but they are never getting involved per se. That’s why I started Vijana Amkeni Africa.”

Together with his friend Karanja Kagwe, who later passed on, Wakairu co-founded Vijana Amkeni Africa as a movement of the youth, led by the youth, and for the benefit of the youth.

“It is not that we did not want the advice of the elderly because they have the benefit of experience -we wanted to do it our way and feel that we were leading from the front."

Vijana Amkeni Africa has since been registered as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) and has already started community projects.

The group is currently running a campaign dubbed, #2pandeMti ,that will see the team visit all the 47 counties in Kenya on a tree-planting mission.

Wakairu is also the son to Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe, but he is quick to point out that their agenda is very different.

“Yes Mzee  is the Vice Chair of Jubilee. If I was merely looking for a seat in a youth movement, I would easily have joined the Jubilee Party Youth leadgue. I started my own thing because my agenda is entirely different.”

He adds that the fact that he comes from a political family has actually worked against him given that their political biases are known and are easily extended to his work.

Wakairu hopes to contest for a parliamentary seat (but he won’t reveal which one) in 2022.

“I am going back to school for a master’s degree in Marketing Communications at Marbella International University Centre (in Spain) – I want to be a force to reckon with for the benefit of the youth,” Wakairu concludes.