Angry President Kenyatta shames CSs Kiunjuri, Munya and PA Jomo Gecaca at public forum in Namibia[Video]

President Kenyatta dresses down his CSs and PA in public

Angry President Kenyatta shames CSs Kiunjuri, Munya and PA Jomo Gecaca at meeting with the diaspora [Video]

An angry President Uhuru Kenyatta castigated CSs Mwangi Kiunjuri, Peter Munya and his Personal Assistant Jomo Gecaca for not taking notes during a town hall meeting with the diaspora.

The president did not take it lightly after noting with concern that noone in his team was taking notes despite the many important points mentioned during the meeting.

"Am looking now my brother Kiunjuri has just opened his notepad to write what I am saying. He was not interested in writing what these Kenyans are saying.

The same applies to you bwana Munya. Na sio hawa mawaziri wangu tu. I have a long serving PA here. Angalia tu. Anaangalia tu masaa. Inabakia ni mimi nikumbuke, nisipokumbuka hiyo imepotea." The President said.

"Maybe it had nothing to do with Agriculture but he forgets he is a Minister of the Republic of Kenya and whatever is said, it shouls be interesting to note whatis it that these people are telling us." He added.

President Kenyatta attracted an applause from Kenyans in the diaspora who were at the meeting when he pointed out that with his team failing to take notes, it remains upon him to remember what is discussed and should he fail to do so then all is lost.

Kenyan delegations in the past have been critised for failing to take notes during critical meetings but this time the head of state did not take the matter lightly.

In August 2018, a picture of the Kenyan delegation that accompanied President Uhuru Kenyayya to a meeting with President Donald Trump went viral with the team staring at their US counterparts, with half-empty cups of tea assembled before them. 

Part of the delegation which included Cabinet Secretaries Monica Juma (Foreign Affairs), Henry Rotich (National Treasury) and Kenyan ambassador to the US Robinson Githae looked mesmerized with what was happening. Only two were taking notes


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