Nominated Senator Millicent Omanga has spoken out following an incident at a burial in Kisii County.

Through her verified Twitter handle, the Senator seemed unfazed by the embarrassing moment involving Kisii Governor James Ongwae.

She claimed that it had been a show of her resilience and she had proven a point.

"Bora wamejua I'm not a pushover. Ama wanasemaje hapo njei? (I've proved to them that I am not a pushover. Or are they saying something different out there?)," she posted.

The tweet received a number of responses mostly from followers who do not agree with the Senator's mode of politics.

Later in the day, Senator Omanga clarified that her husband is from the Bomachoge area where the burial was taking place, therefore, she was the best person to speak at the forum.

"About yesterday, I was to speak at the event but Gov Ongwae refused to give me the mic because of my political persuasion yet he planned to give other women leaders a chance to speak. This is the discrimination I rejected before hired goons were persuaded accost me. I'm unbowed!

"For clarity, the funeral was at Bomachoge where I'm married and thus it goes without saying that as a leader from the area I deserved to speak. Sijui MC aluogopa nini," she stated.