Supreme Court judge exposes whatsapp message he received from Ahmednasir, just before major ruling

Judge spills the beans

Supreme Court judge Mohammed Ibrahim exposes whatsapp message he received from Ahmednasir, just before ruling in Wajir case

Supreme Court Mohamed Ibrahim has exposed a Whatsapp message sent to him by city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi on the eve of the final ruling that kept Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mohamud in office.

The judge made the revelation when sending a demand letter to Abdullahi whom he has threatened to sue unless the lawyer withdraws allegedly defamatory post against the Justice Ibrahim.

Abdullahi is said to have sent a message praising Ibrahim’s integrity a day to the ruling but when  the ruling was finally read, the judge ruled in favour of the incumbent, upsetting the lawyer who wanted the Governor’s election nullified.

I am proud while hearing all the rumours of judges of the supreme court receiving money in sags…and bags…you are the ONLY….ONLY…ONLY judge in the Supreme Court who is not mentioned even for once for taking money…and many lawyers know that….but lawyers are accusing you of not being firm and strong….and I think you need to retrace your steps. Nobody has suffered for this country in that court like you did…and in my view and please even if you are always alone…dissent if that where justice and law are…don’t follow the majority blindly when we know the majority in that court is brought together by MONEY…,” Abdullahi message stated, according to Justice Ibrahim.

Ibrahim, through lawyer Wambua Kilonzo, on Thursday said Abdullahi’s tweets after the ruling were defamatory and sought to cast him in bad light.

We know from reliable source in the Supreme Court that the 6 JUDGES tied at 3.3 until yesterday afternoon when Justice Ibrahim changed his mind to make it 4.2 What happened? Who lobbed Ibrahim? Why did he change at the 11th hour? Ibrahim MUST tell Kenyans what we know @dkmaraga,” one of the tweets by Abdullahi that Ibrahim says defamed him.

The apex court judge has given the Senior Counsel seven days to retract and apologise, failure to which he will sue for defamation.


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