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Kenyan man gets stuck while having sex with best friend's wife

The adulterers reportedly got stuck into each other as a result of a charm placed on the cheating woman by her husband.

Adulterers get stuck into each other during sex.

The incident which caused pandemonium among onlookers happened in the man's apartment located in Nakuru, Kenya.

Unable to detach himself from the woman, Atiena Badru, the pair were seen in the clip covered in a bed spread they used to conceal themselves.

Star Kenya News reported that the adulterers were forced to open up about their condition due to severe pain they experienced after getting stuck.


Report also has it that the woman's husband, Haoniyoa Fajirika placed a charm on her genitals ensuring that her lover was unable to retract himself during sex.

This is one of many of such happenings in a country that is now becoming a hub for illicit affair among married people.


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