Drama as groom’s side chick storms into church in same gown as bride(Video)

A groom’s nightmare became real when his mistress stormed into a church wearing similar wedding gown like the bride’s as she demanded to be married by the same man.


Why do cheaters wed in church at the first place? Men who have many transient sexual relationships usually have invites-only wedding to prevent incidents of their side chicks disrupting their big day.

But a promiscuous groom in Ghana didn’t get the logic behind ‘invites-only wedding’ when he decided to walk down the aisle with the lover of his life at a church which was accessible to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The man was embarrassed by his side chick who stormed into the wedding ceremony dressed like the real bride.

Her wedding gown was a copy of the bride’s gown and for a moment one couldn’t tell who the real bride was because their faces were both covered by a translucent veil.

The church exploded with a prolonged wail as faithful expressed anger and shock when the mistress turned up demanding to be married to the same man.

One of the groomsmen tried blocking the side chick from getting close to the pulpit where the pastor was joining the bride and groom in holy matrimony, but the defiant lady insisted she should also be married by the man.

The agitated concubine was forced to throw the veil concealing her face and moved closer to the pastor to state her intentions. All this while the groom was dead silent as the bride watched in horror not knowing what to do next.

Watch the video below to see how the drama unfolded:


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