A majority of us grew up watching some fun sitcoms and shows that made our childhood absolutely fun.

Today we will be taking you down the memory lane. Remember shows such as One on One, Malcom in the Middle, Tausi, My Wife and Kids and That's So Raven? Gosh I remember we could never ever miss any of these shows. In fact, they made for great conversation topics during break times at school. Coming to think of it, back then, TV content was super dope right? Nowadays I couldn't be arsed to watch anything on local show except Aunty Boss (Big up Nyce Wanjeri, you iz funny as hell) sorry not sorry. But that's besides the point, now, years later, have you ever wondered what these child stars that we grew up watching are upto currently? Like, how old they are, how they look like, et al?

Well, lucky for you, we decided to compile a list of some of the most nostalgic ones and dare I say that some will shock you. From such innocent looking souls, some have blossomed into fine earthlings and quite a treat to the eye. Have a look:

1. My Wife and Kids.

This was a sitcom whose storyline revolved around the daily lives of an ordinary African-American family and the struggles of parenting. Kady, the youngest little kid and her friend Franklin, were definitely the cherry on top and made the show super fun.

Kady, whose real name is Parker Mckenna Posey is now 22 years old, she's an actress and a bikini line business owner. While she played the young innocent little girl, today, she's far from innocent and a complete peng!

Franklin, whose real name is Noah Gray is also 22 years old, also an actor and pianist and just like Parker, he's no longer that innocent boy. In fact, he has muscles for days you guys. Eye candy much?

2. One on One.

One on One is the reason why so many 80s kids have named their baby girls Brianna(sp). Lol. Y'all remember Breanna right? Played by Kylla Pratt. This show revolved around Breanna (and her friend Ernez) who was being raised by a single father because his ex-wife accepted a job offer in a different city.

Kylla Pratt is now 31 years old, and married with two kids.

3. That's so Raven.

This show revolved around Raven and her family and school friends. Raven had psychic powers and could foresee things that were about to happen. Alongside her friends Chelsea and Eddie, the trio had fun planning mischievous adventures.

Raven Symone, now 32 is still an actress albeit, pretty controversial. She's also a singer and TV personality and openly lesbian, even though she's been very vocal about not wanting to be labeled as gay or African-American. Drama queen...

Orlando Brown, who played Eddie, Raven's friend, is now 30. He's an actor, rapper and singer. Just like Raven, he's no stranger to controversy. He's found himself on the wrong side of the law after having been arrested for drug possession and hitting his girlfriend. He also posted a sex tape sometime back which was an eyesore to watch and his current 'drama' is that he tattooed Raven's face on his chest. No idea what that is all about. The tattoo looks terrible. Orlando looks like he could use some months in rehab for his own sake.

4. Malcom in the Middle.

This was definitely one of my favs. The show was all about low-key coo coo crazy parents raising three naughty and mischievous boys, Malcom, Reese and little brother Dewey.

Currently, the little boys are not so little anymore!

Malcom, whose real name is Frankie Muniz, now 32 is an actor, musician, writer, producer, race car driver, and band manager. Quite a lot going on for him huh? Plus, he hasn't changed that much...

Reese, Justin Berfield, now 32, went on to act in more shows after playing Malcom's second brother. Currently, he's an actor, writer and producer.

Dewey on the other hand, whose real name is Erik Per Sullivan, now 26, looks very different from the little kiddo he was. The ears are still big though...We haven't heard much of him since the show ended.

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5. Tausi.

Tausi was a local show that revolved around Lindi, an orphaned street kid who was protected by her late mum's ghost after she started living with her aunt Rhoda, who started mistreating her. Moreen Naibei, who played Lindi is now all grown, pretty and living a quiet life.

Mad nostalgia huh? Congratulations, you're officially old.

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