13 types of annoying people you will find at the cinema

Have you ever come across these?


When you go to the movie theater, you definitely want value for your money - to sit in a good position with a good view and hopefully, next to civilized humans. However, that’s not always the case. There are some really annoying characters you will find in the cinema and these people can ruin the whole experience for you. Here they are:

1. The noisy popcorn eater.

2. As if that’s not enough, they slurp their drink so loudly, adding on to the noise and it’s so irritating.

3. The ones who do not switch off the phone.

A phone ringing in the middle of a movie is just plain rude.

4. While still on phones, there are those guys who start texting in the middle of the movie and the light from their phones is distracting.

Can’t the text wait? Urgh!

5. Those who cannot stop talking.

6. The ones with over-exaggerated reactions.

7. Late comers.

You come 15 minutes late, put the light on your phone on to look for your seat, obstruct everyone, bother everyone when passing by...sigh can’t you just keep time?

8. Worse still, after all that distraction, you will find people who keep excusing themselves to keep going to the toilet and to get more drinks, pop corns etc.

9. The parents with noisy young kids. Shush them up or watch the movies at home!

10. The person that keeps stepping on your chair or knocking it with their feet.

11. The armrest hog.

Can we just share the damn armrest?

12. The couple that can’t stop making out. A small kiss and cuddles here and there is okay but packing up too much PDA? Get a room!

13. Recording the movie.

Must you prove to your internet followers that you went to the cinema?


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