14 things skinny girls are tired of hearing

Where does all that food go to?


But because we are a rotten society, there’s a lot of body shaming that happens every day. Fat shaming is really common, but we cannot deny the fact that skinny shaming exists too. Some people are naturally thin and they’re totally okay with their appearance. Unless you’re the most perfect human out there, then the best thing you can do is to keep your unsolicited comments about someone’s weight or size to yourself. Trust me, someone knows very well whether or not they have added weight, we all have mirrors. That said, here are things skinny women are tired of hearing.

1. Do you ever eat?

2. Are you gonna finish all that food?

3. Where does all that food go to?

Hey we eat, we just have a fast metabolism.

4. Wow, your wrists are so small.

5. Your collar bones are protruding a bit too much.

And how is that your problem exactly?

6. You’d look much better if you added a few more kgs.

You'd look much better if you started minding your own business.

7. Are you sick or something?

8. Real men like meat, only dogs like bones.

9. You’re feeling cold because you have very little body fat. You should add some weight.

10. Why are you going to the gym? You have no weight to lose.

Erm, hello? Because I want to be healthy?

11. Eh you should do a few squats to get a bit more ass.

Did you stop to think that we might actually be totally okay with our flat asses?

12. White men must really like you. They’re into your type…

13. It's not healthy to be that skinny. Size zero clothes should not even exist.

Who died and made you the queen of bitterness?

14. Men don't like skinny women.

Well guess what, too bad for them.


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