Business Categories selling best online by PigiaMe

Here's what is selling best on PigiaMe


When covid-19 first struck, the world went into confusion for a moment, because no one knew what to do. People rushed into panic shopping to stock up food and other necessities they thought they would need, to make it through an unknown period of time.

We were all staying indoors avoiding a disease no one knew anything about but was spreading like wildfire.

During this period, online selling and buying businesses grew and this was the only means one could get anything they wanted, without having to risk their lives.

One of the online classifieds platforms that registered tremendous growth during the time is PigiaMe, which acted as a one-stop-shop for the needs of households. With the growth, it meant people continued with their businesses uninterrupted as buyers also got all they wanted, with the click of a button on their phone.

We compiled a list of some of the businesses selling best on PigiaMe. Take a look;

  • Electronics

Electronics is one of the best performing businesses on the platform. Here, one can get a variety of goods at very affordable prices. Some of the electronics that sell the most on the platform include; Mobile phones, TV sets, laptops, Home theatres, amplifiers, and Cameras among other things.

  • Home garden and kids; 

Under this market, one can get a variety of goods from kid’s clothes, to home appliances, food, beds, and beverages among other things.

  1. Furniture – under furniture, some of the best-selling things include beds, modern couches, bookshelves, dining tables, and TV stands among other things.
  2. Home Décor and bedding – here what sells the most is beddings including duvets and pillows. Bedsheets, carpets, and other home decorating items.
  3. Gardening – here can sell and buy a variety of gardening and landscaping tools, cultivators, and lawnmowers among other items used for gardening.
  4. Pets – another market that has been working well is the buying and selling of pets. One of the best performing is the buying and selling of different breeds of puppies. These include; Splitz, German shepherds, Rottweilers, and white Swiss shepherds among others.
  5. Food and beverages – a variety of beverages are sold here including; wine, whiskey, beer, and other alcoholic and soft drinks.
  • Fashion and Beauty

This also one of the most visited sides on the PigiaMe platform because a lot is appertaining to fashion for both men and women. From training kits to beauty products and other forms of dressing, this is your plug.

  • Property

Looking for a property to buy, or for rent? This is where you get to find one of your liking and taste before you make that purchase. It can be for commercial, or private use.

  • Building supplies

This is where almost all that is required for construction to continue can be found. The good news is you get to find your seller or buyer from your smartphone and at your comfort. From bricks to the iron sheet, timber, nails, etc.


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