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Why you should enroll at ALX as an upcoming software engineer

#FeatureByALXAfrica - ALX is dedicated to training the next generation of software engineers

Female software engineer at desk

ALX is the leading institution in technology programmes due to how they structure their programmes as they seek to unlock and transform the world into a digital village.

Technology is the backbone of evolution and ALX is in place to ensure that you as a software engineer take part in digital transformation in every step of the way.

The label software engineer carries a lot of weight hence it means that you must go through a proper system to attain the title.

Technology is revolutionizing the world and there is a need for institutions to make sure that the system is thorough when equipping learners with the right information throughout the whole process.


ALX intends to produce more qualified experts in the field of tech and here is why you should enroll with them today.

ALX has a structured programme with learning sprints that are well-curated to ensure the learner gains all the skills needed as a Software Engineer.

For instance, every learner needs approximately 70 hours a week to complete the coursework and deliverables required.


Within the week, the learner can structure their time depending on the schedule that works for them, as long as the assignments are delivered before the deadline.

To make sure that every learner benefits from the programme, projects, group discussions and assignments are taken into account to help in assessing the progress of each learner.

Technical and soft & professional skills are key for one to have a successful career in software engineering and ALX has mastered a way of making sure that every learner acquires these skills.


Technical skills enable you to establish theoretical foundations as well as giving you a great foundation to become a software engineer, and specialize in the field you desire.

Soft & professional skills play a major role in making sure that you tap jobs easily after the completion of your 12-month programme.

All ALX graduates are equipped with the practical skills for the current tech environment, which ensures they are work-ready and have an edge.

For clarity, ALX gives you options when it comes to building your career thus it becomes easier for you when you want to choose a path that suits you for your growth.


There is no one approach at ALX, everything counts.

There is life after ALX hence there will be a transition whereby you will join The ROOM Fellowship to unlock many opportunities.

Note that you will join The ROOM Fellowship once you have graduated for the purposes of continuous learning, networking and growth.


Africa as a continent is in need of software engineers and ALX is there to ensure that you attain your dream.

Now that you know the benefits of partnering with ALX in your software engineering journey, you only need a laptop or a desktop computer and a strong internet connection to take your career to the next level.

Click here to register with the leading software engineering institution in Africa for the January 2023 intake.

ALX programmes are accessible which means that there is no cost of learning. For instance, those who will get lucky to join in 2023 will have their tuition fees waived.


Thank you for choosing ALX. See you soon!




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