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Guide to the Visa requirements for Kenyans and to travel to Kenya

We’ve listed these destinations in order of continent or region

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As international travel opens up again, you may be thinking of taking a trip abroad. Importantly, though, whether you’re a Kenyan planning to visit another country, or a visitor from elsewhere intent on coming to Kenya, there are often visa requirements to keep in mind.

For example, are you visa-exempt for your destination or do you require an entry permit? In addition, what supporting documents do you need, such as a valid passport?

With this in mind, to help you plan your next journey abroad, we’ve compiled this article detailing the visa requirements for Kenyans travelling to other countries, and for international visitors coming to Kenya.

This way, you can spend more time planning all the things you’ll see and do on your trip, and less time on paperwork. Also, you can learn about the eVisa (Electronic Visa) for Kenya on travel visa website Byevisa’s Kenya page.


List of Countries Kenyans can visit Visa-Free

Find below the list of countries that Kenyan citizens are visa-exempt for, as well as how long you can stay. We’ve listed these destinations in order of continent or region.

Most of the countries that Kenyans are visa-free for are in Africa and the Caribbean. That said, if you’re interested in journeying elsewhere on the globe, citizens of Kenya can also visit Panama, Kiribati and Hong Kong without a travel pass.


Benin - 90 days


Botswana - 90 days

Burundi - 90 days

Eswatini - 30 days

Ethiopia - 365 days

Gambia - 90 days


Ghana - 90 days

Lesotho - 90 days

Malawi - 90 days

Mauritius - 90 days

Namibia - 90 days


Rwanda - 180 days

Tanzania - 90 days

Uganda - 90 days

Zambia - 90 days

Zimbabwe - 90 days



Hong Kong - 90 days


Antigua and Barbuda - 180 days

Bahamas - 90 days


Barbados - 180 days

Cuba - 90 days

Dominica - 180 days

Grenada - 90 days

Haiti - 90 days


Saint Kitts & Nevis - 90 days

Saint Vincent & The Grenadines - 30 days

Trinidad & Tobago - visa-exempt

Central America

Panama - 90 days



Kiribati - 90 days

Importantly, even though you're visa-free for these nations, there may be other requirements to enter. Typically, these will include a valid passport. Be sure to check the supporting documents you need for your destination ahead of booking your trip.

Nations Kenyans can Travel to with an eVisa

The following list is of nations that Kenyans can visit with what's called an eVisa (Electronic Visa). You apply for and obtain an eVisa online without having to visit your destination country's embassy, so this helps to save you time and energy while organising your trip. Then, you print the entry pass to take with you and show at customs when you arrive.



Djibouti - 90 days

Ivory Coast - 90 days

Gabon - 90 days

Guinea - 90 days


Guinea-Bissau - 90 days

Madagascar - 90 days

Sao Tome and Principe - 30 days


Kyrgyzstan - 60 days


Pakistan - 30 days

Tajikistan - 60 days

Uzbekistan - 30 days


Albania - 90 days


Moldova - 90 days

Middle East

Bahrain - 30 days

Iran - 30 days

Qatar - 30 days


United Arab Emirates - 30 days

South America

Bolivia - 90 days

Colombia - 180 days

Suriname - 60 days


The requirements to get each destination’s eVisa will vary from country to country, as does the fee. As such, be sure to check which supporting documents you’ll need before you apply. Usually, you’ll provide documents like:

  • A valid passport.
  • A copy of your passport’s bio page (the page with the photo).
  • A recent colour passport photo.
  • Booked tickets to and from your destination.
  • Accommodation booking.
  • Proof of financial means to support yourself on your trip.
  • Vaccinations, most commonly against yellow fever.

Destinations Kenyans can go to with a Visa on Arrival (VoA)

As follows is the list of countries that citizens of Kenya can travel to with a Visa on Arrival (VoA). You apply for this when you get to your destination, normally after you get off the plane at customs. So, fortunately, a VoA also saves you from making a trip to the embassy.



Angola - 30 days

Burkina Faso - 30 days

Cape Verde - 30 days

Comoros - 45 days

Democratic Republic of the Congo - 7 days


Mauritania - 90 day

Mozambique - 30 days

Nigeria - 90 days

Senegal - 30 days

Seychelles - 30 days


Sierra Leone - 30 days

Somalia - 30 days

South Sudan - 90 days

Sudan - 30 days

Togo - 7 days



Maldives - 30 days

Timor-Leste - 30 days


Saint Lucia - 42 days


Middle East

Jordan - 60 days


Palau - 30 days

Samoa - 60 days


Tuvalu - 30 days

South America

Guyana - 90 days

You’ll need a valid passport to get a VoA, and depending on your destination, may have to provide supporting documents and pay a fee too.

If you plan to visit a country other than those on these three lists, then you’ll need to visit the nearest embassy or consulate to obtain a traditional visa. Have a wonderful journey!


Visa Requirements for International Travellers to Kenya

Alternatively, if you’re visiting Kenya from abroad, then you may have to acquire a visa to enter. Fortunately, since September 2015 Kenya’s government has run an eVisa system to facilitate international visitors’ entries. This electronic visa allows visitors to stay for up to 90 days and permits a single entry into the country, although it can be extended for another 90 days once you’ve arrived.

The citizens of 163 countries are eligible for Kenya’s eVisa, including nationals of the United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, Canada and India.

To apply, you’ll need a passport that’s valid for at least six months, a scan of your passport’s bio page, a scanned passport photo, booked return or onward flights, and evidence of booked accommodation. Once you’ve compiled these documents, you fill in the online form, and pay the US$51.00 government fee.

Then, when your application is approved, you’ll receive the eVisa in your email inbox. Print a copy to take with you, to show to Kenya’s border agents when you arrive. You’re then permitted to enter Kenya, to enjoy your visit.



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