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Popular Bitcoin Freelancing Jobs

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin by now. The popular coin has been dominating the cryptocurrency market for over a decade and everyone wants to get in on the fun. With the price of Bitcoin getting higher and higher, new hordes of people are taking an interest in it. Surprisingly, one of the few ways newbies are using to get their hands on some Bitcoin at the moment is Bitcoin freelancing. Doing work for Bitcoin isn’t exactly a new thing, but its popularity has spiked significantly in the past couple of years. If you’re one of the people looking to make some Bitcoins through honest hard work, then here are some of the most common Bitcoin freelancing jobs you can try.

Popular Bitcoin Freelancing Jobs (courtesy)

Doing Surveys

If you’re an internet veteran that’s been on the World Wide Web for some time now, then you should be pretty familiar with this method. Filling out online surveys for a bit of extra cash has been around since the start of the internet itself. The task is pretty simple. Whether it’s a company trying to get feedback on one of their products, a service provider looking to improve the way they do business, or a research center gathering information on hot button issues, all you need to do here is fill out a couple of forms and answer a few questions.

Naturally, the task follows the same formula whether you’re paid in Bitcoin or not. Filling out an online survey usually doesn’t take up a lot of time. They often fall somewhere between 5-20 minutes to complete, which gives you a chance to fill out many of them in a short amount of time. As you might have expected, these jobs don’t pay too well. Since it’s a very general task that doesn’t require any special skills, you get small Bitcoin payouts by doing this. If you want to get anywhere with these types of tasks, you’re going to need to complete a high volume daily.

Website Testing


If you’re looking to make a huge sum of Bitcoin in a short amount of time, this task isn’t the best option, instead, you might want to try another easy alternative. While Bitcoin trading does require some knowledge of the market and initial investment, software like the Bitcoin Rejoin platform make trading a breeze. These platforms are full of well-curated information to start you on your venture and even offer a ton of tools to help you maximize your profit. A great example of this is the option to automate the trading process altogether through the use of advanced AI trading robots!

If you’d rather stick to the work, website testing is a common Bitcoin freelancing job on the web that doesn’t require any skill. Like filling out surveys, website testing is a quick and easy job. In essence, all you need to do is visit new websites and try navigating them. Your objective here is to report any flaws in the design, bugs that may appear along the way, and rate your overall user experience. Website testing may pay a bit more than filling out surveys, but again, the key to making a worthwhile amount of Bitcoin here is volume.

Website Design

For most businesses these days, a functioning business website is a necessity. With everyone spending most of their time online now, having a good looking website to point customers to can be a massive help in making sales and spreading the word about your business. Thankfully, the need for this has opened up a ton of jobs in the field of website design, and a lot of them are offered through online freelancing websites that pay in Bitcoin!

If you’ve got the skills needed to put together a sleek design for a new business site, then making a hefty stack on Bitcoin through freelancing shouldn’t be a hard task. Web design jobs are pretty common right now, and while they may take a bit of time to complete, they pay very well! The only issue you may run into is oversaturation. There seem to be many web designers with the same idea, so you may face a bit of competition when you go job hunting.



It’s no secret that coding is currently among the most in-demand skills worldwide. Having some coding knowledge can easily advance your career opportunities, especially when it comes to Bitcoin freelancing. Bitcoin freelancing platforms are brimming with coding jobs, so there’s always an opportunity to get work. The best part about them is that they’re often specialized, so they pay incredibly high sums! If you’re a newbie to coding that wants to take advantage of the market, pick up some introductory coding classes online, and invest time in self-improvement.



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