The Different Types of Bitcoin Gaming

It’s been over a decade since Bitcoin first launched and the cryptocurrency is still one of the most talked-about subjects in the world. Whether it’s because of the many money-making opportunities it offers or its pros over other banking options, it’s always a trending topic. The same can be said for gaming! Thanks to the incredible success video games have achieved over the last few decades, gaming is one of the most popular activities globally. While people don’t often make a connection between them, the world of Bitcoin and gaming have a very close relationship. If you’re wondering how they mix, here’s more on the different types of Bitcoin gaming currently out there.

The Different Types of Bitcoin Gaming (courtesy)

Bitcoin Casino Games

The world of gaming includes more than just the classic video games we encounter on most consoles, a big part of it involves the versatile real money gaming scene. Classic casino games like Poker, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack have made a seamless transition into the digital space, and this is most apparent when looking at online casinos! These websites are packed with casino classics and modern themed slots that players can enjoy whenever they want, whoever they want, as long as they have a stable internet connection.

If you’re a bit puzzled by how Bitcoin fits into the picture, the answer is pretty simple. Most online casinos accept Bitcoin as a payment and deposit option, so Bitcoin enthusiasts are free to use their Bitcoin stash on some casual gambling. What drags Bitcoin even deeper into the world of real money gaming are the online casinos made specifically for Bitcoin players! These websites host casino games that are exclusive to Bitcoin users. They often come with different stakes, designs, and curated promotions for those familiar with the world of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Games

You’ve probably heard of the growing trend of Bitcoin games. Many people are turning to these games as a way to earn some Bitcoin! Sadly, they might be somewhat disappointed by the potential earnings, which is why a great alternative to this is giving Bitcoin trading a shot. While it might seem like a complicated way to earn Bitcoin, trading is pretty easy these days thanks to platforms like Bitcoin Storm. These trading platforms offer an array of excellent tools to help traders out, including a feature that automates the trading process through the use of advanced AI algorithms!

If you’re unfamiliar with Bitcoin games, then you might want to look into this fast-growing trend. Bitcoin games are an old-school take on classic video games. They sport a fun design that’s very reminiscent of arcade games and have immense entertainment potential that can get anyone hooked! The thing that sets Bitcoin games apart from your run of the mill video games is the rewards they give players. Other than the satisfaction of playing a well-made game, players that do well on these games are rewarded with Bitcoin!

As we mentioned earlier, some players might feel like the Bitcoin rewards they receive are a letdown because they’re usually very small. If you’re looking to earn a nice amount of Bitcoin through this method, you’re going to need to invest a lot of time. Another thing about Bitcoin games that some players might find annoying is the ads. Since these games are free to play, the websites that host them need a way to profit and pay players. In most cases, this is done by displaying lots of ads that can be distracting and take away from the gameplay experience.

Classic Video Games

The last type of Bitcoin gaming that players can encounter nowadays is what most of us think of when video games are in question. Thanks to Bitcoin’s growth and expansion into the mainstream, many new shops are starting to add Bitcoin as a payment option. As you might have guessed, this includes more than a few top-notch online and offline game stores. Most notably, players can purchase games with Bitcoin directly from two of the biggest console stores out there, the Microsoft Xbox Store and the PlayStation Network!

Of course, PC gamers aren’t too far behind. While they might not be able to purchase video games directly from popular platforms like steam, they can head down to online shops like Keys4Coins and get licenses and keys for some excellent recent titles. The best thing about classic video games is that they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a fan of racing games or MMORPGs, there’s something out there that fits your tastes perfectly. So, dip into your Bitcoin wallet and start searching for that new game you’ll be playing this weekend!


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