Woman develops deadly disease after shaving pubic hair with new razor

The deadly infection causes the body's immune system to attack it's own organs

Dana Sedgewick

Dana Sedgewick, 44, was trimming her pubes when she cut herself on the groin. Her body went into shock followed by a red rash on her legs that started rotting as a result of a life threatening infection named necrotising fasciitis.

It all started two days after trimming her bikini line. Dana noticed a small bleeding pimple but didn’t think much of it until she started feeling nausea and dizzy. After going to her local doctor she was given antibiotics to cool it down while she waited for the results from the swabs of the infection that were taken. Only that later that day, Dana’s daughter Megan found her lying in bed with a red rash covering her legs.

Her husband took her back to hospital just as her local doc called to say that the infection was serious. She collapsed on arrival with her legs then black with rotting flesh.

Her chances of survival were quite slim.

According to Daily Mail, Dana went into septic shock, the doctors thought that she would never walk again but now 4 years and 21 operations later, the lucky mother has not only survived the ordeal but has defied all odds and is walking with crutches. Her legs however, will never be the same again.

What is Necrotising Fasciitis?

It is a condition which causes bacteria to release toxins that attack the surrounding soft tissue of a scratch or cut. This killer condition arises when an infection such as blood poisoning sparks a violent immune response in which the body attacks its own organs. For Dana, the infection caused by a cut to her groin nearly cost her legs that have been left with deeply scarred tissues and marks that may never allow her to rock bikinis again.

She said, "It was horrific. All of my muscle had rotted away, and I had a crater of skin near my groin. I felt like I was going to throw up. But I knew that it could have been much, much worse. I could easily have lost my legs - or worse, died."

According to Daily Mail, necrotising fasciitis is most commonly caused by an infection with group A Streptococcus. Those infections normally last just a few days - they are mild and typically clear themselves up. But in some unusual cases it can develop into necrotising fasciitis. They infect flat layers of a membrane known as the fascia, which are connective bands of tissue that surround muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels.

The infection also damages the tissues next to the fascia. Sometimes toxins made by these bacteria destroy the tissue they infect, causing it to die. When this happens, the infection is very serious and can result in loss of limbs or death.

Necrotising Fascitiitis has torn lives apart with its crippling effect. While it often goes unspoken, it is seen in so many people along the streets of Nairobi with victims taking spots along the streets to beg for financial assistance from whomever generous enough to not turn away from the disgusting site that is the wounds.

Dana says, "It didn't feel like my own body any more. But with Mat's support, I grew to see the scars as a reminder of how brave I'd been, and how lucky I was to survive. It's incredible to think a tiny shaving spot could have killed me. I had a very close shave indeed."


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