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10 lies every woman has told at least once

Ladies, you know you're guilty of at least one of these.

10 lies every woman has told at least once

There are times when a little white lie can get us out of awkward, impossible situations. And no one knows this better than a woman who is running late – you know what we’re talking about.

Your friends were supposed to pick you up from your place. They are 10 minutes away and they call to let you know they’ll be there soon. You tell them you’ve just finished applying your make-up so they’ll definitely find you ready.

Not so, plot twist – you haven’t even showered.

Whether it’s to your friends, your family or even your man every woman can confess to telling – if not all – at least one of these lies.


1.I’m on my period

This is an easy lie to get out of almost anything. From not wanting to be intimate with your man – though some still do – to not wanting to go to the club and just want to binge watch your favorite series.

No one wants to deal with a raging hormonal woman who may potentially be a buzz kill for what you have planned.

2.I’m not ready to have a man yet

They are not ready to have you as their man. Plain and simple.


We obviously can’t ignore the possibility that they truly aren’t ready to have a man at that time.

3.I’m not angry

A woman will say she is okay when she is clearly not. Her blood is boiling and if you push one more button you’ll feel just how hot. It is usually better to acknowledge that she is angry but ask to address the issue when she has calmed down.

4.That was so good


It’s no secret that, at least once, a woman has faked an orgasm. They probably wouldn’t want to hurt your ego if they didn’t fully enjoy the intimacy as much as you did so they opt to lie about it.

5.So sorry I just saw this

They saw it the second the message or phone call came through but just didn’t want to talk to you. This would apply to everyone though. There are some times when honestly you just don’t want to talk to some people.

6.I won’t tell anyone. Who would I even tell?


Everyone must have been told ‘usiambie mtu mwingine juu hata sikukuwa nafaa kuambiana’ (don’t tell anyone I told you because I wasn’t even supposed to tell anyone).

7.Oh no I was really looking forward to it

They are super excited that the plans are cancelled and they can now lounge around the house doing nothing.

8.We should definitely catch up soon


You exchange numbers, days turn into weeks and weeks into months. They eventually forget you gave them your number.

9.I miss you too

As much as this may be a universal lie, a woman will tell you they miss you but they really don't. She will tell this lie to just go with the flow and avoid an awkward situation.

10.Tuma fare

Saved the best one for last. When a woman needs money, she will convince you that she would like to see you, she might even send you nudes. She will play mind games on you until you want to see her as soon as possible. Gentlemen, you will tuma fare and there and then she will lose all interest in you and move on to the next.


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