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5 must-watch Kenyan movies in 2018

You’re 2018 is about to be lit with some old and new movies you need to watch.

Some will make you cry your eyes out while others bring nationwide issues to light. Whichever the case, you need to make a conscious effort to check these Kenyan movies out.

1.Supa Modo

Supa Modo is a story about a little girl, Jo, who is suffering from a terminal illness. Her mother makes the decision to stop her treatment at the hospital and takes her home to be surrounded by love during her last days.


All Jo wants is to be a superhero and despite her mother’s initial hesitance, her family and the entire community come together to make her dreams come true.

This heart wrenching yet comical – in the most Kenya ways possible – award-winning film is a definite must see.

2.Disconnect the movie

This star-studded movie touches on the complicated dating scene of Nairobi. It follows Seline, played by Brenda Wairimu, a young woman trying to juggle work, life and her love life in the unpredictable dating life in Nairobi.


The lead male character, Josh, played by Nick Mutuma is Seline’s best friend and even though the two of them have feelings towards each other, they do not address their emotions to one another.

You can watch the premiere here.


Rafiki, a lesbian love story, was inspired by the 2007 Caine Prize winning story Jambula Tree by Ugandan writer Monica Arac de Nyeko and produced by Steven Markovitz.

The story follows two girls Kena and Ziki that are close friends who eventually fall in love. Their families are on opposing sides of the political divide.


They are faced with a lot of pressure thus causing a strain in their friendship. This further causes them to make a hard decision between happiness and safety.

4.18 hours

Inspired by a true-life story, 18 hours follows a paramedic who spent 18 hours in an ambulance with a road accident paramedic after hospitals around the city did not want to take him in.


5.Watu Wote

This Oscar nominated film is based on the tragic 2015 Mandera bus attack.

Passengers on a Nairobi bound bus from Mandera were attacked by the extremist group Al-Shabaab where Christian women were offered Islamic attire in order to disguise themselves as Muslims.

Three people – including Abdi Mohamud who was among those defying the demands from the militants to help identify the Christians in the group – lost their lives as a result of the bus attacks


Bonus: International movies to look out for in 2018

Avengers Infinity War

The last installment of the Avengers franchise, supposedly, is set to be released this coming weekend.

Avengers Infinity War will bring together the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight Thanos in an epic battle to save the world.

The movie is set two years after Captain America: Civil War.



Rampage is an adaptation of an arcade game by Bally Midway. Three humans transform into giant monsters – King Kong clone, a giant lizard and a huge werewolf – a really huge one.

Watch the trailer below:

Deadpool 2

The anticipated sequel to the first Deadpool movie is set to premiere in May this year. For those that watched the first installment know that Deadpool isn’t your ordinary superhero movie and this trailer could help you see why.


Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom



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