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Gay gospel singer Joji Baro reveals his undying crush on Jomo Kenyatta among other male celebrities

In a recent interview held by a popular tabloid gospel singer Joji Baro revealed why “gay is the new straight”. He named a couple of celebrities including the son of a prominent person who he is seriously crushing on.


This comes a few days after the gay activists revealed that he was facing eviction for being gay in a steaming interview with Ghafla. Joji mentioned that being gay is hard but there is nothing he could do to change his status. He loves men and that’s how it will remain.

Speaking to Mpasho Joji named Nick Mutuma, Sauti Sol and the man himself Jomo Kenyatta as the men he finds attractive. Though he seemed to have a problem with their names at first the gospel singer was good at describing their good ‘genes’.

“As long as I have a crush on you, I don’t care whether you are straight or not!  I date men. Trust me straight is the new gay so do not let anyone fool you.”

He was however not specific on which member of the Sauti Sol he was interested in. He just described him as “short and chubby” leaving room for his fans to speculate on which guy he was describing.


When talking about the president’s eldest son, Jomo Kenyatta, Joji sarcastically joked as he pleaded to the officials not to arrest him.

“Msinifunge! Trust me ni crush tu. Don’t blame me…I mean you have really good genes.” He said

Joji Baro is currently single and is hoping to meet a man who will love him to the end of the world.


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