Accept you have Failed as a Father- Churchill Show's Jemutai's response to Hamo after exposing him as a Deadbeat Dad

Hamo kindly note that I am withholding so much from the public including the day you were violent - Jemutai

Jemutai exposes Hamo as a Deadbeat dad

Former Churchill show Comedian Jemutai has responded to Professor Hamo’s statement minutes of him putting out a statement claiming that he has never neglected his children.

On Friday, Jemutai had come out to reveal that fellow comedian Professor Hamo is the father of her two kids, but unfortunately he has neglected them.

In her response to Hamo, Jemutai says that all Hamo has done is spew lies in his statement, alleging that he stopped paying rent for her and her children since October 2020.

““It's on a Sunday for heaven sake.Why are we lying this early it's barely 10. Kindly excuse my English I am typing with alot of anger.1st and foremost the last time hamo Paid the rent was last year October and from then he refused to pick the caretaker calls,” came Jemutai’s first statement.

In a shocking revelation, Jemutai says that since going public with her relationship with Hamo, the comedian’s first wife who lives in Nakuru, sent her 5,000.

Further to this, Jemutai claims that he has also been violent alleging that she has the recordings of this.

Hamo kindly note that I am withholding so much from the public including the day you were violent I have all the recording of you apologising to Abner. Accept you have failed as a father and you are ready to better sio hizi mauongo.nkt. Be better do better.”

Jemutai continues that Hamo’s first wife, who he claimed has been sending money to Jemutai, only sent 9,000 shillings since last year.

She adds that the money was sent in batches of 2,000; first for Jemutai’s son who was sick and another 2,000 when she didn’t have money for food.

“I respect Mama mellisa so much but since you've decided we drag her into this the only money mama mellisa has ever sent me is 9k in total. The 1st time she sent 2K when JJ was sick the second time she sent 2K was when we didn't have money for food and sasa 5K alituma juzi when everything was out in the public.”

Jemutai continues that Hamo has never seen his children since October last year and has only been around recently and only at 2AM, where he comes over drunk, claiming to want to wake the children to see them.

The last time hamo aliona watoto that is Jeremy and Kaylee was in October last year before he moved out from then he has only appeared in my house 4times all at night earliest was 10Am and last month he appeared at 2Am all the times he comes drunk as hell.Watoto wagani ukuwa awake at 2 in the morning 😳😳.The man shows up bila ata maziwa the only time he came with something was the last visit na alileta only 2 Oreos.


In an expose done on Edgar Obare’s platform, Jemutai narrated that she got her first child with Hamo back in 2016 and their second born daughter in October 2019.

According to the comedian their relationship has been on and off and at one point Hamo asked her to quit Churchill show so that they can build his brand.


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