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Court makes ruling on Wema Sepetu’s sex tape case after spending days in Jail

She was jailed over leaked sex tape

Wema Sepetu breaks down into tears

The Kisutu Resident Magistrate court has made a ruling on Wema Sepetu’s sex tape case, releasing the actress on bail with a tough warning.

Wema, who had been sent to jail for seven days, was allowed to go home but warned not to skip court hearings or risk another arrest.

The former Miss Tanzania (2006), was sent to Segerea prison after it emerged that she had a case to answer in her on going sex tape scandal (case) that’s contrary to Tanzanian laws.

She is expected in court on July 4th, 2019.


Allow to go home

“Wema alionekana kuficha uso wake mara nyingi alipokuwa mahakamani hapo na baada ya kuachiwa kwa dhamana, aliwakwepa mapaparazi kwa kukimbia huku akipitia mlango wa nyuma wa mahakama hiyo ili asipigwe picha na wanahabari. Wema anakabiliwa na mashtaka ya kujipiga picha za ngono na mpenzi wake kisha kuzisambaza kupitia mitandao ya kijamii,” reads an update.

In the previous ruling, the prosecution side, argued that Wema had gone against her bail terms, after she failed to appear in court.


Wrong side of the law

However, Ms Sepetu’s lawyer Reuben Simwanza told the court that her client went to the court for the hearing as it had been ordered, but fell ill hence her failure to show up in the court room.

In 2018, Wema was again on the wrong side of the law after she was found guilty of drug abuse. She was fined Tsh2 million (Ksh. 88695.00). She was among top celebrities in Tanzania accused of abusing drugs.


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