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Hot Akorino lady shocks many with her beauty and Grace Msalame-like hips (Photos)

Reverend Lucy Natasha a pastor from Nairobi gained a lot of attention after her enviable looks stole the show on social media.

Esther Githinji

But Sonko informed the prying public that the reason they had met was so that Natasha could condole with him after his father passed away.

And true to his statement, the two later went to Sonko’s rural home in Mua Hills in Machakos County for a prayer session at the mausoleum of Sonko’s late dad, Gideon Mbuvi.

Now there is another woman of God who has caused quite a commotion on social media due to her bodacious body.


“Ameumbwa saa ngapi kweli? (What time was she created?)”  Was the question on everybody’s mind after they laid their eyes on this Mukorino lady.

The Wagithomo sister who goes by the name Esther Githinji left everybody shook with not only her pretty face but bodacious hips that still showed beneath the pleats.

Here are some reactions to this Akorino beauty:

Betty Ndegwa:Most wakurinos r Beautiful i don’t know y .give me da secret. Most of thm nyuso zao ni Smooth. I Wonna b à Mukurino one day .natural beauty

Soniah Terry Murage: nikipata hips kama hizi,lazima nitaappear kwa nairobian kari gani


Trish Soni Karanja: Aiyayayayaaaaa.... Body fine fine

Wambo Nancy: So natural and beautiful

Njeri Else: Wagithomo looking beautiful

Esther Sams: Beautiful and a very nice body shape.

Virginia W. Gatere: Wah...Yani hata akivaa ya mafiriri bado hips zina scream...


Dotty Nyakundi: Hips don't lie waa ata kwa dress ya mukurino bado ziko tu

Nancie James Kahunyo: Yaani hizo hips zinaonekana na umevaa Nguo ya kanisa

Jayne Wahu: Beautiful mukorino and I looove them

Kate Warren: Aki wakurinu ni wasupuu I love u guys

Lizz Kariuki: Gorgeous, natural beauty


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