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I have done things I’m not proud of - Akothee says ahead of court case

Singer and businesswoman Akothee is expected to appear in court to answer to a case filed by her Mzungu baby daddy.

But Madam Boss isn’t giving up and has vowed to do all it takes to keep her son as her baby daddy rejected her when she was pregnant and threw them out  of his house 3 times.

Ahead of their court case today Akothee committed her son into God’s hands with a post that read “As lawyers pocket the money and coming up with essays they don't understand just to defend and keep their clients whether right or wrong! I place you in God's hands.”

Akothee then opened up about the struggles she has gone through with her son. “I promised never to take your dad to court for am strong enough to take care of you! I carried you for 9 months through humiliation and rejection, we survived , I have been with you side by side till now you can dress yourself and base your arguments, I have done things that some I may not even be proud of just to see you happy my son, there is no 3rd party who can know what we have been going through, I will never ever bribe your rights , your father knows why I did cut links but still allowed you to have time with him , O Lord may the God of single mothers see me through this!”


She then went on to add “I cannot put a question mark where God puts a full stop, I will not cook stories just to look innocent and deny you your rights! if so may God punish me, yes we are in A country where money can do wonders but it can never buy health or happiness, I tried to defend you in Switzerland But you know could not live there because I have other responsibilities like your other siblings here in Africa, Papa is asking for custody is he sure after several times of rejecting us? He is asking for co-parenting, was that not the case since you were born but out of my pocket, dint I do my level best to make sure you spend time with Papa! He mentioned parental responsibility to be shared equally after he has custody !how about the rest of the years when you needed cerelac, Nan, pampers, a nanny; were we sharing responsibility or it's because I was poor then and now I have a price tag? Is Papa in his right senses? Today your name is issues, you are never an issue to me MAY THE LORD GOD BE THE JUDGE

I will take any outcome with a lot of positivity, as long as you are happy I love you, my son, I will tell you this stories when you are Old enough to understand, just the way it took your sisters years to know the meaning of Rejection, may justice be done.”


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