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Akothee comes to Jalango’s defense after he was accused of threatening Edgar Obare

They better get ready to be destroyed too!

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Award winning singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has come to Jalango’s defense a day after he was accused of threatening YouTuber Edgar Obare.

Yesterday, Obare took to Instagram to share a series of Insta stories claiming that Jalang’o had threatened him even summoning him to go to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI's) office.

The vlogger reveled that he had gone into hiding because his life was in danger. “I left in the middle of the night and have gone incognito and incase anything happens to me i want my story out there” read one of his posts.


Akothee strongly came out to Jalango’s defense stating that anyone who destroyed peoples family should also get ready to be destroyed.

But if they are out to destroy families then they better get ready to be destroyed too, useless cowards , who told you you will go Scots free by furnishing other people's names guok.” read part of Akothee's post.

infact If I was Jalango I would not care if, you hanged yourself and say I had a hand in it, we shall arrest all this lazy handout idiots in the name of bloggers, I blog chieth guok , how about putting someones private life public , wabiro choko mendeni sawsawa , anto team ane kidogo, Ayanda dau ema abiro moyo e shosho media, idiot go get a job chieth paka mcheww” added Akothee.

Some of his fans also came out to defend Jalang'o telling him to focus on his life and let the haters be.


Here are some of the comments;

Oluochdaisy Keep on keeping on. Haters will always be there. Ignore and grind harder

kennyogollagmail.7Achia Mungu Jalas and your God will always protect you.

B.oduor Unakula bidii yako watasema watachoka mungu ndio mambo yote

jakama_snr@jalangoo don't give shit about idle people looking for sympathy out of nothing. Just do what you know best....Turaushe asubuhi na show yako nzuri. Hawa jamaa Mungu atawatimua na LOCUST


Denis_masita Bro ignore the obare kind of characters.

Wa_ramboz Keep on doing what brings food on your table, leave bloggers, they are idle

Polycarpateto Avoid clowns.... Clowns belong in a circus with their fellow clowns.. Don't join the circus

Lilianbiama True Jalas...let them talk as you work


Muragefridahkageni God be with you we love you for that nobody leave him alone 🙏

Lindaadongo ❤️bravo keep grinding,keep your eye on the process and the rest will follow..distractions are expected while they see you winning even when they tried to destroy you..yesu kende


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