Jalang’o responds after Edgar Obare claimed to have received threats from him

Wake up and work!

I'm sick and tired of fearing for my life - Edgar Obare speaks after receiving threats from Jalang'o

Popular Comedian and Radio presenter Jalang'o has come out to respond to YouTuber Edgar Obare' after he claimed that he (Jalang’o) has been threatening his life.

The Milele FM presenter, took to social media to disclose that he had not called Edgar and neither had he told him to meet him at the DCI office as Edgar had reported. The Comedian revealed he was busy working past midnight at Radsion Blu when he woke up to the allegations.

He added that there were people out there with malicious intentions who were trying to bring him down and tarnish his name but they would not succeed.

There are people out here trying so hard, day and night to bring me down but it will take them a hell lot of work because I’m not the kind who gives up in my grind” said Jalang'o.

Mzee Jalas went ahead to inform Edgar that he wouldn't bother asking him who gave him false information about him and if he was fearing for his life, he should have reported the matter to the police and not post in social media as he did.

"I will not even bother asking or following who you talks to bloggers and lie to them about me, malice Pure malice. For you Edgar you don't have to run or delete anything. I have a lot on my plate to even bother with you and if you are honest about being threatened you don't post, you report" said the Milele Fm presenter.

"Today has been really funny and i have been laughing the whole time with people’s DM telling me if anything happens to Obare its me. Boss it has taken us years to be where are today and i don’t think i can want to loose it because of you. Wake up and work!!" added Jalang'o.

i'm sick and tired of fearing for my life

This comes a day after Edgar, claimed that he received a call from Jalang’o informing him that he was needed at DCI offices for a meeting but he did not give fuurther details.

“I’m sick and tired of fearing for my safety and everything for my safety and staying quiet, Yesterday Jalang’o calls me and asks can I come for a meeting at the DCI, I ask what it is about and he refuses to say” wrote Edgar Obare.

He states that he turned down the offer to meet the Milele FM presenter, a move that made him angry.

“I tell him I have to think about it (I refuse to go without being given reason for the meeting) and he sounds angry and says will you come or should we just come for you”

“Who does he think he is, how can private Citizen summon me. Then I get a DM from a source who claims to be close to him, warning me of what’s about to happen” added Obare.


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