Flamboyant Kenyan Female Singer Esther Akothee has been put on a compulsory bed rest by her Doctor.

The Mother of five took to her Instagram account to share a photo of her in a Hospital bed explaining that she has been advised to consider a compulsory bed rest.

The hit maker of “Give It To Me” disclosed that she is suffering from Fatigue, accumulated from the last few months.

“The only disease I suffer from is FATIGUE ! Forgot myself in the last few months till my system shut down ! Compulsory bed rest, will be back, take care of yourselves till mama come back online ” wrote Akothee

Recently, Akothee has been a topic of discussion after confessing her love to her Manager Nelly Oaks.

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The two are in a very tight working relationship, but they seem to be crossing the boundaries and diving into the deep water of Love.

Akothee has been showering her manager with romantic messages hence answering the questions her fans were asking, of whether the two were an item or its just Business.

“ishe if we start dropping one after another some will give up on the way due to lack of new insults and you know we don't need common insults we need new ones for every episode ” wrote Akothee  in one of her Photos