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Stop comparing me with Beyonce –Akothee

Akothee warned if they don’t stop, she will take stern action against them.

Block fans

Through a post on Instagram, Akothee said those who compare her to Beyonce should go follow Beyonce and JayZ’s pages instead of being on her case all the time.


She also threatened to block anyone who posts a negative comment on her social media pages adding that she was having too much fun blocking people.

Social media negativity

She added that blocking people is saving herself from heart diseases caused by negativity on social media.

“Aaaa nani ananiita beyonce ? umeona kama niko na hips ama mnapenda kunichokora, nikilipua mnanikumbusha eti Role model haya gureni mwende kwa page ya Beyonce na Jay-Z hapa ni  na  utameza au uteme 2018 sikuweki ngoo calpolis, transl "having so much fun in blocking arses " ukiongea matope ambayo hayakuhusu nakublock! kukusave heart decease ya shoshomidia” Read her post.


Madam boss started 2018 on a high note after she hit out at socialites whom she claimed go around sleeping with men for material gain and forgetting to invest in their future, something that leaves them broke even after doing it for so many years.


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