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Ali Kiba Vs Diamond who is greater? Mzazi Willy Tuva weighs in

He exclusively spoke to Pulse Live about the ongoing beef.

But one thing that we know is that the two have been in what is said to be the biggest music feud in East Africa for the past few years.

The beef reportedly stemmed from an incident in Oman while another theory states that the two are feuding for the top position in Bongo music.

Though they do not attack each other often, their fans #TeamKiba and #Team Diamond often squabble to defend the honour of their favourite.


Pulse Live recently got Mzazi Willy Tuva to weigh in on the #TeamKiba and #TeamDiamond feud and asked ‘Are you TeamKiba or #TeamDiamond. Who is the greater artiste?’

“Those are two of my close friends, I cannot answer that.” He said as he sighed. “I don’t like pitting them against each other because they are both my good friends although I am closer to Diamond.”

He then went on to add there is no need for people to pit the two against each other as they are both great in their own right.

“ Ali Kiba has his strengths and Diamond has his strengths that Ali Kiba doesn’t have and on Diamond’s side, there are things Kiba has achieved that Diamond hasn’t. Ali Kiba is very talented and has a great voice, his music is timeless. I enjoy Ali Kiba’s songs. He takes time to release music, but when he releases, you will still bop to his music since it’s very good. Diamond is also very good.” He said.


Before dropping a gem that at some point in his career Diamond looked up to Kiba. “Kiba inspired Diamond at some point in his career. There was point Diamond looked up to Kiba. Ali Kiba to date is one of the best, hata akikaa for years and he makes a comeback, atasumbua watu because he is King Kiba. But let’s face it Diamond has brought swag to the industry. He came into the industry and knew that he could sing well but he knew you need to be something more, you need to go an extra mile to be extraordinary. He brought standards to the industry, swag, and great management.”

The Radio Citizen presenter then went on to add “If Diamond doesn’t release a song, you will still talk about him because he has so much going on. You will still talk about him because he has a lot going on in his private life, he is international and has represented East Africa internationally. He took us to the world. Ali Kiba also represented us internationally when he did a song with R Kelly. They have done great things but when it comes to consistency and making huge moves, Diamond has done it.”


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