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‘I wish no one ever knew we were related’ child actor opens up about the backlash he received from his family for smoking

Pictures of Ian Munene a.k.a Almasi holding a cigarette/a weed blunt while staring broodingly at the camera had many people mad pressed about it.

Ian Munene

In his blog, talks about the backlash he received after these photos of him smoking up went viral.

“..As soon as the posts were released to the public, obviously some people chose to go wild as hell, telling me the most hurting (sp) things ever. It’s crazy how someone can spend so much time writing paragraphs on paragraphs of how much counseling and help one needs, going on to state how much of a total waste I am and other nasty shit. I didn’t find it surprising that some of these comments came from family, I mean, out of love and compassion, family members always feel the need to mould you to being a particular kind of person, or fit into a particular socially acceptable circle in society. So when I got a phone call from one saying ‘I wish no one ever knew we were related’, despite being hurt about it, I guess it was expected. So we take it and move on from it. No hard feelings whatsoever." he wrote.

Before giving some advice to his followers on social media "In regards to people throwing negative comments to hurt you or make you feel like sh*t, just always know this, If it’s something they can’t say to your face, then it’s nothing worth getting mad over. Don’t be fazed by online profiles! They can say anything they want but if they do not have the balls to say it to your face, then don’t let is phase (sp) you.


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