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Anerlisa Muigai addresses rumours of undergoing weight loss surgery

The Keroche heiress has been accused of ‘fraudulently’ losing 58 Kgs.

“Two years later I never thought I'd look into the mirror and appreciate myself. Today I am 66kgs from 124kg. It's not been easy but I made it. ”  She wrote celebrating her progress.

A weight loss that has fascinated many Kenyans who have gone to her for advice on their weight loss journey.

But there are those who believe that Anerlisa’s weight loss is ‘too good to be true’ and they claim that she resorted to weight loss surgery after hitting the wall in her battle with the bulge.


A rumor that forced one of her fans to ask whether she had undergone a surgical procedure to look slimmer to which Anerlisa responded with as simple ‘No’

The fan then proceeded to ask how she did it because she is struggling so much despite clean eating and exercising. “So how did you do it coz despite me being lighter than you were I still can't lose even a kg no matter how clean I eat and exercise.” Read muchiru’s comment.

Anerlisa then replied with “Our differences is that I was really big trying to loose huge amount of weight but for your case you are smaller than I am right now, it might be hard but I believe nothing is not doable, I also wanna be 56kgs but my body has refused at 66kgs no matter how much training I do. Try vegan diet though and let us know.”


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